The Healing Power

of Vocal Expression


Singing WITH people is my very favourite practice - hearing our voices blend together, creating a beautiful vibration that ripples out. I love how a room full of strangers can connect through song, singing together in blissful harmony, and at that moment, nothing else matters. We get lost in the beauty of the sound. It is full self expression and so heart opening and joyous. It is my desire to create that safe space for people to come together and feel free to sing. It's our birth right! 


In this Workshop:


Free your voice and immerse yourself in the healing power of self expression in this singing workshop created especially for my divine sisters. Everyone can sing! And when we join together with a sweet melody, magic unfolds. In a practice of mindfulness and self-loving expression we gently explore our voices in this heart opening workshop. Embrace your divine feminine power and connect with our sisters in harmony throughout this beautiful practice.

Allow yourself to reclaim a loving relationship with singing and your voice. All levels of experience welcome. Connect with your voice in a loving safe space free from judgement. We will simply be joyously exploring our voices together.

Any questions, please feel free to ask!

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For Woman & Girls 9yrs+