Love or Fear ~ Full Expressive Workshop


Love or Fear....this is our topic of discussion for this Self-Loving workshop. In every moment we have two choices - to come from a place of Love, or from a place of fear. When we let Love direct us instead of fear, we find ourselves doing things we never thought we’d be doing, capable of things we never thought we were capable of doing and creating all kinds of effortless magic...this is what loving yourself unconditionally will do.


The practice of Self-Love creates space for Love, forgiveness, compassion, peace and healing. Essential ingredients for a joyful existence.


Together during this workshop we share in a Self-Loving practice, and I offer some Self-Loving simple tools to take home to help transform every aspect of your life. We then open up our hearts and share anything we would like to.


This is a safe space, there is no judgement, no expectations, only Love and support. Anything expressed does not leave the space. Full self-expression helps participants to let go and heal. We don't all need to share - just being in the room and holding space as support for those who need it is really special. It is really moving to realise, that we are not alone in our struggles  on our life journeys. Just listening can be as healing as speaking. This is a heart opening experience with no expectations of the participants.