Singing Mantras

Music is medicine.

Singing mantras take us on a heart opening & healing journey through self expression and connecting deeply with ourselves. When we sing mantras, we sing them mindfully. We become present and grounded, our minds quieten and our hearts naturally expand, receiving the healing energy that transcends from singing these ancient powerful mantras together. 

I guide fortnightly community singing workshops in Mangawhai. Everyone is welcome, always. We begin the workshop with guided relaxation & breath awareness before immersing ourselves in musical medicine.

A journey of the heart.

This workshop is popular at retreats, festivals & Events - worldwide!

International Yoga Festival 2017  photo credit: Martina Figoli

Mantra Infused Song


Singing is my passion and my favourite form of self expression. The more I sing, the more my voice naturally explores. Singing is such a creative outlet for me. I originally began by singing mantras more traditionally, but over time my journey has weaved a new exciting web of heartfelt song and mantra combined. And I love it!! It’s raw and it’s authentic. I play both ukulele & harmonium while I sing.


I write my own original songs, Mantras seem to just weave themselves in as I'm creating them.

My music is ever evolving!

I'm forever grateful to be living my passion, and travelling worldwide on adventures to share my music and workshops. 

Cekebration of the Heart Gathering 2018 ~  photo credit: Billy