Sacred SiStar Workshops


Cacao Fuelled, Mantrafied, Empowering Gathering of our Sister Tribe with Jules Bright & Lis Martinac (We hold these Gatherings regularly - check the Calendar Page for our next one).

We will begin our afternoon together with a Sacred Cacao Ceremony facilitated by Jules Bright. She will guide you lovingly on a heart opening journey where you will be encouraged to set your personal intention and give yourself permission to immerse yourself in this powerfully transformative ceremony. Cacao is not only delicious, it is a magical medicine that has been used as a tool for centuries during ceremony in many cultures. It is an assistant for ‘inner work’ and creative guidance. It's natural heart opening qualities allows for a deeper, authentic love based connection with yourself, others, mother earth and all of life.

Jules will prepare a delicious cacao elixir that we will consume together during the ceremony using raw, vegan, and organic ingredients.

Lis Martinac will also guide you on your heart opening journey with divine singing mantras. Music is medicine. Singing mantras take us on a heart opening & healing journey through self expression and connecting deeply with ourselves. When we sing mantras, we sing them mindfully. We become present and grounded, our minds quieten and our hearts naturally expand, receiving the healing energy and peacefulness that transends from singing these ancient powerful mantras together.

Together we will share in a beautiful afternoon journey with all kinds of yummy heart filling divinity.