My Life is Abundant

The world is mine to discover And I've got so much to offer With an open heart I spread my wings I close my eyes and start to sing My body dances in the flow The rhythm of love is the rhythm I know It's in this moment I create Create with intention and let go

My life is abundant I already have what I need I have this moment this beauty And an open heart to receive Surprises and coincidences They're not really real I created all of it With the way that I feel A thought can lead an army Of feelings that create I choose my leader carefully Choose what i generate

For this life this journey I feel forever blessed Forever growing forever learning Evolving into consciousness My hunger my passion To be the best version of me Is to love and to serve To nourish and to heal It almost feels like a dream But I create my reality Choosing what I choose with love The universe is within me I'm grounded in the knowledge That I co-create I co-exist Everything in this moment is perfect Living my life in eternal bliss

#Stress #HealthyLiving

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