Be Here Now

I inhale courage Stepping into the unknown Trusting in this moment In the seeds I have sown Magic swirls In these unfamiliar grounds I kiss the earth with my feet Grateful for this moment now I feel supported When I simply breathe Everything's as it should be Including me Being here in this now All fears I release My heart is open I find my peace💜

Thoughts of the past and future can create fear and turmoil within us. It creates a busy mind and often a closed heart. Dis-ease can manifest in our bodies when we hold onto things that no longer serve us. When we practice being present, in this moment, we realise that actually - most of the time - we are okay, maybe even really great. When we let go of the stories that we are constantly running in our heads, we can create space. Space for love, forgiveness, compassion, peace and healing. It opens us up to opportunities. All the yummy stuff that makes us feel joyful. And it's accessible to all of us, with practice. Self-loving practices help open our hearts, quieten our minds and give us an inner strength that can help us survive anything. Self-love is a life long practice...and an exciting journey where magic unfolds effortlessly.


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