My Love Letter of Love

Self-loving exercise: Find some time today, to sit down by yourself and write a love letter, a love letter or poem to yourself. Then read it out loud. Keep it somewhere that you can read it any time you need to feel loved and supported.

My Love letter of me💜 Thank you for the electricity That turns on my Light That Teaches me in lessons my wrong from right Thank you for the fuel that stokes my fire For the courage to fulfil my purpose and desires Thank you for supporting me When I was alone With love you uplifted me My skin felt like home Thank you for your whispers That drifted in the wind encouraging me on When I was scared to begin Thank you my light My guiding soul For making it clear I'm already whole Thank you for the balance When it's rough at sea No matter the conditions You always find me Thank you for staying Through all the storms In the pouring rain You keep me warm Thank you for the tools To mend my own heart When outside elements Tried to tear it apart Thank u for the reflections That teach me to be That person I am That I want to see Thank you for the confidence That's slowly grown To follow my path That's guiding me home With heartfelt love I know you r there Holding a space for me That we can share Together we've weaved This web of faith Where unknown feels known And Blessed with your grace I bow to this unconditional love In your eternal space In your everlasting presence I always feel safe And I know from the outside Others don't understand But I can stay strong through it all As you hold my hand Through example Is how I'll be heard With patience and courage Stronger than words I'm so grateful I found you For your teachings to me That melted my fears And set my heart free I trust in this moment In everything that is new That's bringing me closer To my purpose, to you

Photo Credit - Josie Gritten Photography

#love #practice #heartopening

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