This is my time

Beautiful tears

Falling like gentle rain

From my soaked cheeks

As I stare into the mirror again

Washing away the past

As I let go of my fears

Forgive and release

Knowing change is near

I channel in love

And it pours from my heart

No reason to hold on

When there's a future to start

No longer serving me

Means no longer around

There's a comfort

As I plant my feet on the ground

Strength in my veins

Faith in my soul

Music in my ears

No urge for control

Releasing resistance

On a journey of love

Remembering my purpose

And freely seeing it now

Focus on the moment

Embracing the now

There's nothing to stop me

Except for myself

I choose to support

Hold my own hand

In a wild journey

I don't always understand

No obstacles trip me

They just steer me clear

Of something not meant

For me that's there

Magic transcending

Guiding my way

Synchronicities opportunities

In this blissful state

I feel like I'm floating

With my feet on the earth

Carried by nature

Blessed since birth

Adventures unfolding

I invite them in

As I honour myself

Comfortable in my skin

Trusting now

This moment with grace

A deep believing

There's nothing I can't face

Forgiving imperfect

Seeing thru lies

Acknowledging the beauty

In another's eyes

Gratefully receiving

The lessons learned

Then letting them drift away

Without concern

Worries not wasted

Where joy can be held

Rythmn of my heartbeat

Getting stronger now

Moving to my frequency

Dancing thru this life

Embracing this gift

I stretch my wings wide

No need to be small

This is my time 💜

Photo credit - Josie Gritten Photography

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