LOVE - LETTER April 2017

Hi friends :-)

This might be my last love letter for a little while.. as you can see by the pic above, my wee angel blessing is almost ready to make his or her entrance into this world. Exciting times!! I've been so lucky to have had an amazing pregnancy, I feel so loved up and blissed out.

I think the festival hopping has helped too :-) I just got back from performing with various incredible artists and also facilitating kirtan workshops at The Bali Spirit Festival in Ubud. It was so magical. Then.. the next day after arriving home... I was on the stage with Franko Heke opening for Nahko and Medicine for the People. I love this crazy amazing life!!

On Easter weekend (15th April) I have the absolute honour of being part of the Loving Vibes Gathering in Mangawhai with my soul brother and sisters, Matiu Te Huki, Jules Bright and Gabrielle Louise. (Event info for this at bottom of page, and click on the button below to be in to win two free tickets!)

Then...I'm onto the next chapter, welcoming this new little being into my life, and spending a lot of time love gazing and snuggling :-) In saying that though...I will still be leading weekly kirtans! And will continue with fascilitating my workshops in a couple of months time. This is a mantra baby afterall...

While in Bali I was asked a lot about my workshops, and discussed 'Mindful Self-Loving Practices' and their purpose - which instigated this love letter...

It is our goal during mindful practices to purify our mental and emotional energy, so that the pathways of potentiality surrounding us are full of only love and creativity. It is fearful and destructive thoughts that set up fearful and destructive patterns in our lives. Just being aware and observing these thoughts is a great start to creating a new positive thought pattern to eventually replace the old ones that don't serve us.

We aim without expectation in mindful self-loving practices to go into our own heart space, to release our attachments and in forgiveness we surrender to unconditional love. This love is always there within us, underneath the layers of what we're holding onto that don't serve us. When we peel back the layers that don't work for us anymore, we uncover this love, simplicity, compassion, gentleness and peace of heart mind and spirit. The love we often seek from other people is already there inside us, and it is the deepest most fulfilling and constantly flowing love of all. I love reminding people that - The only person you are going to spend the rest of your life with, is you... so why not fall madly in love with yourself?

When our minds are at peace and our hearts filled with love, we don't create as many problems in our lives. Drama loses it's charm. And when something challenging arises, we have the inner strength to handle it with courage, grace and positivity.

When we stay in this space of love within ourselves we have everything we need. It's only when we look outside for love that we feel like we are lacking. When we release our need to be acknowledged, approved of, validated, we create space for our inner light to shine. Doors of opportunity open effortlessly and we find ourselves in the flow of pure potentially. Synchronicities excite us yet don't surprise us. And with a grateful heart we simply say thank you. Both to ourselves and the universe for co-creating our beautiful reality. Life flows so beautifully when you allow it to. The only person that can get in your way, is you. Always. It is up to you.

I talk a lot about the choices we have in every moment - choosing to act with love, or with fear. Often we carry the pain, anxiety, stress and fear of not only our own lives, but that of our families, our nations, and millions all over the planet without even realizing how it effects us. But we can consciously choose to not let fear dominate us, not let our minds be influenced and programmed by the worldly view point that monopolizes the world. We can choose to reside to our space within, and decorate that space with love and peace, compassion and forgiveness and allow it to overflow to our outer world. Letting our energy ripple out and uplift others. Indulging in drama, fear mongering etc just adds to the negative energy surrounding it. Send out your good loving vibes instead.

Every day, every moment we have a chance to re-create life for ourselves and others, reshaping our energy with the thoughts we think, just as we reshape our bodies with physical exercise. Choose to act, speak, think with love instead of fear. When u give love, u feel love. That's the way it works. We have a choice… choose Love not Fear. Choose to love yourself right now in this moment.

Homework - or Self-Love Exploration:

One of my tools in my self-love toolbox is the practice of Gratitude. If I have something going on that is invading my mind and going round in circles, I take time out. I go and sit somewhere quiet, preferably in nature, close my eyes and breathe. Bringing my awareness to my breath brings me into the moment. I follow my inhale through my nostrils and into my body. Then follow my exhale as it leaves through my mouth. I sit with this breathing for a couple of minutes, not trying to change my natural rhythmn, just staying with it. Then I begin listing all of which I am grateful for. There is always so much to list! Things like clean air and water, to live in Mangawhai, the people in my lives, the opportunities that flow, that I have food on my table, everything! Because I know, that every moment of every day there are people in the world praying, praying, for what I have. Praying they can feed their family that night, that they can find a job, that they can keep their children safe, have clean water to drink, that their child will be well again. This practice is a bit of a reality check. It helps us size up the real extent of whatever is going on with us, and more often than not, makes it appear pretty darn small against everything that we still have to be grateful for. It is a shift in perspective, and a welcomed one! This is a great tool. You can choose to write these down and carry them with you to read throughout the day.

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