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Kia Ora friends,

I hope this Love-Letter finds you happy, well and completely loved up :-). I've had a month of new oportunities unfolding, and I'm super excited. I've been selected to facilitate my Empowerment of Self-Love workshop at the Seven Sisters Festival in Oz in March. This has been something on my love-to-do list. I was also asked to facilitate workshops at the International Yoga Festival NZ in February, and perform kirtan at Bhakti Fest in Nelson in January. I'm off to Bali for a month in April with my beautiful kiddies, and my soul family for the Bali Spirit Festival, co-running a retreat, and the Ancient Futures Festival. I love having all these yummy adventures to look forward to.

AND we have two Loving Vibes Gatherings coming up real fast - 1st September in Mangawhai and 2nd September in Auckland with some of my very favorite beings!! Jules Bright will be taking us on a heart opening cacao fueled journey, I will be singing divine mantras with the help of some of my dear friends, and Matiu Te Huki will be delivering the good stuff to get us loved up and dancing the night away. There are limited tickets to both events, tickets on sale now. I'll post the links and more info about this at the bottom of the blog.

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Analysing stuff. Stop it!! Argh…I used to be Queen of Analyticalness. Which in hindsight, was really queen of illusions. It sounds way better than it made me feel. Why do we have to know everything? Pick things to pieces…try work out what another person is thinking or feeling about us or a situation? It’s not only a waste of time and energy – we will never know what another person is thinking or feeling, no matter how many theories we come up with or how many times we torture ourselves by going over it in our heads. Let it go. It really just doesn’t matter. And quite frankly – what another person thinks or feels, is none of our business unless they want it to be. And even then – people only share what they want to and deliver it in a way they think they need to, depending on their audience.

Can you imagine if we all said all the stuff that goes through our minds out loud? Imagine doing that for a day, saying everything you think. It would range from bad to awful. And you know what else – often, the awful stuff we think, we are directing at ourselves. Chances are most of us would never say the negative, judgemental things we say to ourselves to other people – or even out loud about ourselves. And we know why – because they hurt. So why do we hurt ourselves by saying it in our head? And what on earth makes us listen to those negative thoughts? Who is saying that stuff anyway? Not the real you. Not your higher self, your spirit or whatever name you would like to associate the real you with. It’s your pretend-to-be-friend ego. It tells you it’s just trying to protect you…meanwhile it is toxifying your way of thinking and feeling, and creating fearfulness and insecurity.

So, when you are in these negative states of mind, these conversations in your head, analysing, ‘working things out’, observe these thoughts. In your mind, kind of step back for a minute and question those negative thoughts! Be an observer. That is the first step, and it’s a big one that leads you in a peaceful direction. Negative thoughts aren’t based in reality just because we think them, thinking something doesn’t make it real! Negative thoughts are literally an illusion. That thought is just one way of looking at it – it’s the way you have chosen to look at it – but its sure as anything not the way the other person or people involved are looking at it. It is your CHOICE how you perceive things. We are only punishing ourselves when we get stuck in these dark rooms of negative thought. The more in touch you are with your inner being, the less of this torture you put yourself through. It wont happen overnight but by doing your practise, the ability to let go of negative states of mind increases over time.

My journey has brought me to a space of deep faith in what is. I don’t need to question it, I don’t need to analyse it, and I simply don’t need to waste any time looking over my shoulder when I have a world of opportunities right in front of me that I don’t want to miss by looking backwards. The only time I have to make a difference in, is this moment. The past is gone and will be forgotten about in no time any way. I choose to keep my heart open, and the more I practise that, the more natural it becomes. Don’t cling to things that don’t serve you. Look for the positive in a situation – which if nothing else, is always the lessons. Be grateful for those lessons – even when they hurt because quite often, the painful lessons are the ones that help us grow the most. I believe that we are given information as we need it, that everything is timed to perfection. I have faith in this.

Self-Loving Homework: You need to find space every day where you can get your mind quiet. Start with just five minutes - it will make a massive difference to your day. That five minutes, spend it consciously connecting with yourself – whether is is through meditation or breathing exercises, chanting/mantras or a walk in your garden observing natures beauty. Whatever works for you. Do it for yourself, commit to your practise and remind yourself why you are doing it. No one can do your practise for you. It is essential. And it’s literally a life saver. When you have a practise, its not a temporary uplifting fix or pleasure like alcohol, cigarettes, substances, sex, or whatever bandaid you use now. Practising self love is a transformational experience. It will transform you in ways that you can’t even imagine. Because you can’t imagine what you don’t know. You can only use your imagination based on past experiences and memories. With practise, your awareness increases, your happiness increases and at some stage – you will realise that things that used to get you down, just don’t matter any more. They literally just don’t matter. You don’t react in the same old way – you might just for a few minutes, but then something kicks in and makes it okay. That something is your own inner being, your unconditional love for yourself, that radiates happiness and love regardless of outside situations or circumstances. You accept things as they are, you let the past go, and you have faith in the future. And it works. It works for me, over and over and over…💜

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