Do You Believe In Yourself?

Kia ora friends!

I've just returned home from a magical month in Bali with my beautiful family and my dear friends from all over the world. We celebrated Amala Grace's first birthday while we were there. She's such an adventurer and adapted so well, we all loved our family time together in Bali. I'm so proud of her!

I sang with my soul brother Matiu Te Huki on main stage at the Bali Spirit Fest. We also hosted the official Bali Spirit Fest after party, where a few hundred people joined us at Akasha, as Jules Bright, Matiu Te Huki and John de Kadt and I created our LovingVibes Gathering. Aotearoa represent!!! It was a dreamy bliss-filled night. I was super stoked to play the Ukelele for the first time on stage, and sing some of my original material. Figured it was the perfect time to try something new, in front of hundreds of people ;-) I like pushing myself to do things that are outside my comfort zone, that I reeeeaaaally want to do, but feel too shit scared! I loved it... I'm going to keep practicing the Ukelele and keep playing it on stage! I also enjoyed mixing mantras up with songs. I've got some new material and I can't wait to share it with everyone! John de Kadt and I met a few years ago at the Bali Spirit Fest. I was wowed by him at a workshop of his that I attended. The next year I sang in a couple of different bands at Bali Spirit with him playing percussion. I thought he was cool and he thought I was cool so we became friends. We've kept in touch, trying to organize a NZ tour... and finally - it's time!! I'm so excited to bring John to Mangawhai. His sharings are such a gift and I feel like we are so lucky to have him in our hood. He's simply phenomenal. He's a captivating storyteller, poet and master of percussion instruments. I've seen him play on stage with some of the best international artists... he's that good! We're co-creating with some of my other beautifully talented friends to bring you a variety of unique events to experience John's offerings. He's truly not to be missed. I hope you can come to them all!!

Latest Blog - Do You Believe In Yourself?:

Do you believe in yourself? Imagine, If you are standing in front of 100 people sharing the thing you are most passionate about, and one person out of 100 says they don't like or believe in what you are do you feel? Do you listen to that one person, or do you realize that 99% of the room were captivated and inspired by you? Ask yourself...because this is a great way to check in... I ask this for a reason, because, if you listen to that one person, then really, there are two people in the room who don't believe in you. Right? Because, if we don't believe in ourselves, that one person is all we need to confirm our own worst fear (and self-sabotaging thoughts) - that we aren't good enough. It doesn't matter how many people say we are wonderful, unless we believe it ourselves. And I'm pretty sure, that at some time or another, we have all experienced this feeling. I often wish people could see themselves the way I see them (or how others see them). There is beauty in everyone. I love this wise quote: See the light in others, and treat them as if that is all you see. I think it's also important to see the light in ourselves! It's what WE think about ourselves that matters most, and when our hearts are full and overflowing, we can let that be our guide. Because when we are lead by our hearts instead of our minds, we connect deeply with ourselves, our intuition, we do our practices, we do our work, we keep faith in our hearts and we tell ourselves 'I love you'. And we don't allow ourselves to be discouraged by that one person in the room, our hearts are open and gratefully receiving the love from the other 99 people.... because we too believe in ourselves. What does that feel like? We learn to trust ourselves and we learn to listen, to our hearts, to our bodies to our intuition. We choose to come from a place of love with empathy, with gentle kindness. We choose truth, to honor ourselves, and surround ourselves with others on a similar vibration. We fall in love over and over again, with nature, with beings, with ourselves, with everything. We realize the gift that this life is, we explore it beyond limits, with gratitude and a sense of adventure. We know that our time is now, this moment. We live it. We embrace it. We make our 'one day', today. Our inner strength is unshakable. We cannot be broken, we will always survive. How do we maintain this feeling, this way of being? Life happens, there are obstacles that fall out of the sky, challenges that arise as an opportunity for learning, for growth. Dark days, hard times, turmoil. But, with a good set of tools in our toolbox, and a solid foundation of self love, we can always return to a place of joy. Our tools help us to get there faster, to shift things faster (especially our perspective) and keep our hearts open and our love tanks full. What do we need to do to get to that heart space? To stay in that heart space? We need to do our work, our self-loving practices, we need to use our tools, and eventually our practice becomes a lifestyle. We are the only ones that can do our work, no one else can do the work, or the practices for us. We can read as many books as we like, but no matter how inspiring they are, unless you follow though with the practice, you won't reap the benefits. You get out of life what you put in. If you put in 100% effort, focus, determination and love, then the seeds you sow will thrive and you will be living in abundance. So what seeds are we sowing for ourselves? What seeds do we want to sow? Every day is a new beginning, and what we do today matters most. Today is a good day to get a pen and paper and manifest our desires, put our passions into practice. Today is a good day to make time for ourselves, go for a walk amongst nature, pick up an instrument, a paint brush, dance in the kitchen, whatever it is that sparks our fire and fills our love tank. Recognize this time as you giving yourself a much deserved gift of self-love, and say thank you. Build a strong relationship with yourself with foundations of love and kindness, encouragement, patience, gentleness and forgiveness. Be your favorite person. All these things encourage you to be the best version of you. To live with authenticity and unconditional love, imagine if we all did this at the same time? World peace baby - it all starts from within.

If you don't already have my workshop notes, with self love practices and ideas, feel free to send me an email and I will send them to you.. and feel free to share the lovewith your friends or anyone who you think could do with these reminders. Some days, we just need reminding :-)

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