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Kia ora!

I hope this Love - Letter finds your hearts warm and joy-filled. Since the last love-letterJohn De kadt has been and gone and left me and my tribe missing him like crazy. In his two week stay he became part of our family and we all decided we wanted to keep him. He will be back next year, of which time my Amala Grace will be older making it easier to tour NZ together with John. The Celebration of the Heart Gathering was such a magical night! It was definitely one of my favourite events. We danced up a storm to the beat of the tribal drumming, the energy in the room was so magically uplifting. The whole night was perfectly yummy.

Now I'm doing my best out of self love to hibernate for a couple of months over winter with my loved ones. It has been a phenomenal summer and autumn full up with festivals, events and adventures right up until now. But...only hibernating for winter! Matiu, Jules and I have got a date in springtime locked in to share our LovingVibes Gathering again with you all... and we are also in the process of organising a retreat in Bali for next April....There are a few exciting things on the cards, I'll keep you posted :-)

Until then... Arohanui family x

Latest Blog - Be Here Now:

Be Here Now. I saw this title on a Netflix movie and watched it. It's a documentary that follows an inspiring man and his family's journey with cancer. I didn't know that's what it was about when I clicked on it, it was the title that grabbed me. It caught my attention because it was a timely reminder. We're so lucky to 'Be Here Now'.

I think it's the most important thing for us to do - to Be Here Now. I believe it's essential for our happiness. It sounds easy, but it's not always. But at any time we can choose to bring ourselves back to this moment, to appreciate everything we have to be grateful for in this life, including our loved ones.

Being present while sharing time with others, and while being by ourselves, is so essential! If our minds are busy with thoughts of the future or the past, we miss out on the given moment. And of course I can't help but say - Be Here Now... with Love!!!

There are tools we can use to help us practice being here now. Do you make eye contact with your loved ones? Do you give yourself that greater gift of connection with them? Do you allow yourself to see and be seen? This is a way to bring yourself into this moment. It's also an act of self love and acceptance. Sometimes it takes practice, it can feel awkward or challenging at first. Start practicing with someone you feel safe with and go from there! You can look at yourself in the mirror too. Acknowledge the difference in depth of conversation or connection that occurs through simply looking into a loved ones eyes. Acknowledge how you feel without judgement. Once you feel comfortable doing this practice with loved ones, then work your way up to doing this with everyone!

I'm a fan of eye gazing especially with an intimate partner or my children. Something magical happens when I practice this, a softening, a rush of love and gratitude, a feeling that nothing outside that moment matters any more - Peacefulness - and often laughter, which comes from the joy of letting everything else go. Often I want to stay there forever!!

There are many tools that help to bring us into this moment with love in our hearts and a quiet mind. My favourite as many of you know, is singing mantras. Playing musical instruments, singing and dancing are all simple and joyful mindful practices. Music is medicine whether you practice alone or with others. Sing on your way to work in the car!! Learn an instrument. Dance in the kitchen while you cook.

Yoga is another one of my favourites, because unlike other forms of exercise, I find it can only be truly embraced with complete presence and connection with our breath - our life force. Yoga isn't just a series of poses and stretches, we can go much deeper than that, connecting with ourselves, quietening our minds and opening our hearts through these yogic poses/asanas that gently create a purposeful flow of energy throughout our bodies. It's a beautiful and gentle self loving and mindful practice that I miss like crazy at the moment. It's a struggle to do more than a couple of sun salutations before I'm 'needed' by my sweet baby. A mindful nature walk, sunrise and sunset are also beautiful mindful practices that help bring us a sense of gratitude and awe. Find what works for you!!

Sometimes we get caught up in life chasing that dangling carrot, you know, that one that contains all our future hopes and dreams in a single bite. We get so focused on it that we forget to be here now. In fact sometimes chasing that dangling carrot not only stops us from enjoying the present moment completely, it also makes us miserable now because we haven't yet caught that damn carrot. It's easy to take for granted all the good stuff that's going on in our lives simply because we want more. We focus on 'one day when' instead of 'now'.

I find that Being Here Now is also super practical in the sense that it helps me stay grounded. It can be a kind of survival mode! An example of that is: Since Amala Grace was born I've had so many different aspects of life to juggle. And the only time it really gets overwhelming is when I start compiling a to-do list that exceeds the present day. I've learnt that by focusing on what needs to happen today, I don't get stressed out or get frustrated by how hard it can be to achieve things with a bubba attached to me 24 hours a day! Most of the time I feel pretty chill, because I don't put heavy expectations upon myself, I do my best without attachment to outcome. I'm gentle with myself, knowing tomorrow is another day and another opportunity to get things done. I practice my self love by doing my best to check in with myself and see if I need to slow down or take rest. And at the end of the day, a lot of the stuff on my to-do list, doesn't really matter. It's just stuff. When I shift my focus to being here now, I count my many blessings and realise how lucky I am and how wonderful this life is, right now. I often ask myself 'what will happen if I don't get this done?' Often the answer is 'nothing!' Or the answer isn't as bigger deal as a busy mind could make it out to be. I get all sensible with myself, have a discussion that usually leads to a solution/compromise and telling myself to be gentle because I'm doing my best with what I've got right now.

Its important to have ambition for that which we are passionate about and wish to create and grow in our lives. The only time we can manifest and plant those seeds of intention is now. This is the moment where we can stand in our power, this is the moment we can honor ourselves, this is our moment. So Manifest without expectation, and with detachment from outcome. Enjoy the journey without putting all your focus and attention on the outcome. Expectation and attachment comes from a place of fear not love. And if you do feel that expectation or attachment to outcome, bring your awareness to it and ask yourself why? Dive deep, if it's a programming or pattern, work on letting it go and creating healthier thought patterns through mantras or affirmations/whatever works. Recognise this is something you can work on and change. We have the ability to do that - now.

Homework: One way to help dissolve those thought habits like 'I'll be happy when' or 'I'll love myself when'. Is to create a new thought patten by saying 'Be Here Now'. This serves as a reminder of what that means to you - So what does it mean to you? Think about it then write it down (somewhere handy like in your phone) so when you say 'Be Here Now', it has meaning and purpose, e.g.

Be here now means to me:

Loving myself unconditionally exactly as I am

Noticing the magic in each moment

Being grateful for every breath

Appreciating my loved ones and each moment we are together

Making eye contact

Having soul fulfilling conversations

Letting the past triggers be in the past

Holding my children's hands while they still let me

Expressing myself creatively

Seeing the beauty surrounding me name a few....

Life is ever changing. It helps to remember that. No matter what we set our sights on in the future, it's important to keep our foundation of faith in what will be. Do your work now, have faith that the seeds you are planting will grow and blossom when the time is right. Let go of control - control is fear based. Love embraces an unshakable faith.

What do you have now that you are grateful for? Be here now with love and gratitude for all these things. Look in the mirror and say 'I love you unconditionally NOW'

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