Be unstoppable!!

Kia ora friends!

I'm soooo super excited that our next gathering is in 8 more sleeps... The Loving Vibes Gathering Mangawhai!!! Eeeek!! I can almost feel the deliciousness of it already. Every time we have a Loving Vibes Gathering, it just gets better and better and more powerfully loved up. I feel so blessed to be doing what I love with people that I love.

Jules and I were humbled by the beauty and courage of our Sacred SiStar Tribe and their sharings at our workshop gathering on Sunday 11:11:11. It was a beautiful confirmation that we are doing exactly what we are meant to be doing ~ together, this is our time as Sistars.

And a bit more OMGness.... Jules, Matiu and I are hosting a Lavish BALI Retreat in April 2019!!! We have been planning this together for over a year and it is flowing with such ease and grace... it's meant to be. We found a phenomenal mansion to stay in for five nights surrounded by green rice paddy fields and lush tropical jungle, and on the sixth night, we are sharing our Loving Vibes Gathering at another breath-taking location outside Ubud. We are offering a full schedule of diverse workshops, cacao ceremonies, live music, singing, dancing, adventures, divine cuisine, getting pampered and having so much fun together. We have a super special on ~ save $600 on your space at our retreat before 20th November ~ Available to the first five reservations only!! COME TO BALI WITH US!!

I'm feeling exceptionally lucky right now 💖

Latest Blog - I'm Unstoppable!:

This blog was inspired by what came through to me in a journey during our last Sacred SiStar Tribe Gathering. I honestly feel unstoppable. Some things might slow me down for a short time, but I’m nevertheless unstoppable. What makes me unstoppable? It’s simple. I Love myself ~ completely, unconditionally. I know the only one who can stop me from reaching for the stars, is me! How do we become unstoppable? You already are. It’s your true nature, your essence, your purpose! You just need to reconnect with yourself, your intuition, and quieten your mind so you can hear your heart. Clear your clouds away so you can see your ever-blue skies beyond. It’s a process that requires commitment, commitment to yourself. Like any relationship you are serious about, you need to focus on it, pour in the love and energy so it can bloom into unbelievably sweet self-love. The best part is ~ You can do this! And all the while, enjoy the journey. How about we try something right now? ~ say to yourself: I believe in you. Say it again, say it with love, say it with conviction. How does it feel? Acknowledge this feeling, in your body, in your heart. No matter what comes up for us when we say this to ourselves, we know in our hearts that this is good thing. Believing in ourselves, encouraging ourselves, it feels good. Keep saying it with love, keep creating this new thought pattern until it becomes a natural part of your own belief system. Supporting Yourself on this Self-Love journey to Unstoppability: Remember to keep your love tank full, and when it gets low - retreat, do your practices. It’s okay to say No when you need to. This is your responsibility! When you have a love-filled relationship with yourself, you treat yourself with compassion and respect, recognising when you need to rest, and recognising what choices do and don’t serve you. The only person you need on your side is you ~ everyone else is a bonus! Intention is everything. If we can think with love, we can act with love, and love creates our reality. We only have two choices- to act with love, or to act with fear. Keep consciously choosing love. Keep mindfully checking in with yourself, your intuition, your love tank, to support you in making decisions that serve you best. Have conversations with yourself. It’s an easy way of positively connecting; give yourself attention and proudly watch yourself bloom. Ask yourself how you really feel in any given situation, listen with your body, your mind, your heart. Honor yourself. Praise yourself constantly. Acknowledge your needs and desires. The other day I said to myself: ‘I love you Lis’ and I heard myself say for the first time ‘I love you too!’ Then I said: ‘I know u do’. Then we both laughed. I love my relationship with me! Don’t forget to laugh and play. It’s also another wonderful tool that we can use to build a loving relationship with ourselves (and others!). Children are naturally a perfect example of this. I remember transitioning from Primary School to High School and wondering why there were no play grounds for us to enjoy at Break times. I’m still wondering! I truly believe playing is for all ages. I think that’s part of the joy we receive from having our own children ~ playing becomes justified again! When did we stop skipping along the footpath, rolling down grassy hills and doing cartwheels along the beach? That stuff is exhilarating! It bursts joy into our hearts. Please ~ remember to play!! You don’t need anyone else to justify doing it, make it part of your self-loving practice! And a gentle reminder ~ obstacles are just detours in the right direction. No matter what is on your plate, spread love all over it ~ and it will transform into something delicious! Be gentle Be courageous


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