Self-Empowerment ~ What Do You Focus On?

Kia ora friends!

Hoping this Love-Letter finds you happy and well. The last Singing Mantra and Sound Journey in Mangawhai with my sistar Julie Cunningham was so well received, that we are offering another one this Sunday! Spaces are filling, and are limited. Please get in touch if you would like to save your space and enjoy a loved-up, uplifting musical medicine journey with us.

This months blog started rolling through my head when I was out on my daily walk to the estuary for a swim. The question popped into my head...

What is self-empowerment? We hear it talked about often, and it sounds fantastic. What does it mean and how do we get there?

This is my take on it.. well, one angle anyway!!

Sending love and wishes of abundance to you all....xx

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Self-Empowerment ~ What do you Focus on?

What Empowers us? The choices that we make from a place of love. Nothing externally can empower you without already having love on the inside. People grasp at material things or other people to feel powerful but these measures can only be temporary - only as long as the situation or circumstances last. True self empowerment is constant. The self empowerment journey is a self-love journey.

A wonderful and simple tool we can use is to bring our awareness to our focus.

Where is your focus?

If we put our focus on suffering, that becomes our reality. If we put our focus on love and abundance, that becomes our reality. If we are coming from a place of fear, our egos are searching out evidence against one another, against the world, anything that will justify our actions and thoughts, make us ‘right’ or alleviate our guilt. We project it on to others with our judgements and gossip, it being a reflection of our inner state. A quote I love that sums this up for me is: what you seek, you will surely find.

There’s no such thing as a neutral thought. Every thought we have either comes from a place of love, or place of fear. We can make it a conscious Choice to come from a place of love with our thoughts and actions. This is a practice. Focus on praising one another. Focus on gratitude. Celebrate what is going right for you in your world! Celebrate everything. Focus on that.

If I happen to watch the news, I notice how condemning it is. And then following that, I hear people around me engaging and discussing it, spreading the fearful energy far and wide. It doesn’t help, it’s not healthy, it doesn’t feel good and it doesn’t create positive change. Awareness is essential but we get caught up in the story which creates chatter in our monkey minds, programming fear, instead of staying mindfully in our heart space.

It’s healthy for us to mindfully recognise what we have to be grateful for, to recognise what is going right for us, to recognise the people in our lives that are important to us. It’s healthy to shift our focus away from what’s not going right, and who is wronging us or the world to the good stuff. There’s always good stuff, right now in this very moment there is good stuff no matter how you are feeling. Start with the easy stuff, clean water to drink, fresh air, somewhere to live, healthy children/siblings/parents/you. Keep going, the realisation that we have so much to be grateful for often makes the small stuff we are sweating seem smaller and the big stuff easier to survive.

When I’m freaking out, I like to remind myself that I’ve been in this situation before, or at least something similar. Then I ask myself to try and remember the last time, or if I still think about it/if I’m still freaking out about it. It puts it into perspective because usually the answer is, I can’t remember! So what seemed so justifyingly upsetting or whatever the emotions attached at the time, it was temporary and no longer matters to me (or at least has lost its momentum). This again will be the same. This too shall pass. Another wave that will pass. I’ll ride it and flow without attachment, expectations or resistance and I’m more likely to not just keep my head above water, but maybe I’ll even learn to surf the wave and see it from a new perspective. There’s always an opportunity for learning if we can detach ourselves from a situation, become an observer.

Focus on love. Love yourself with a fearless passion, have faith in yourself, practice self-love, fill your self-love toolbox with what works for you so you always have something up your sleeve when you need it. Be your own biggest fan. Focus on your light, not your darkness. Focus on forgiveness and compassion not judgement and condemnation. We can all do this if we choose to.

Yes, sometimes we need a day off here and there to mope. Moping isn’t against the rules. Sometimes I take a mope day. It’s usually when I’m extremely tired and need to retreat from the world. On these days I find moping and chocolate go well together. I give myself permission on these days to have time out. So yes, mope, but listen to what you are in need of. Choose to rest, not self sabotage. If you need to make an important decision, wait until you have clarity, until you can focus on which choice comes from a place of love, and which from fear.

We are human. This is our human experience.

What do you choose to focus on in your human experience?

I feel like I’m receiving more clarity, of what I want to focus on. I want, with all my heart, to always choose love. To always focus on love.

What do you focus on? What do you choose? Write it down then read it over!

I don’t want to be in a bubble with no idea of what is going on in the world. But I choose not to form opinions (which are only that) about things I don’t know enough about. I choose to let myself be free to change my mind and my way of thinking about anything as I grow, experience and learn on this earth. I choose to focus on love and being in service of love. I choose to embrace motherhood with gratitude and surrender and put my beloved children before anyone or anything and support them on their journey. I choose to embrace and offer the gift I have been given of musical medicine as often as I can. I choose to do my best to inspire self love, knowing how it has transformed my life forever. I choose what I focus on. I choose who I spend time with. I choose what I fill my plate with. I focus on these things, I focus on what’s important to me. I choose to keep loving even when I’m not getting anything back. I choose to choose, knowing that when I release resistance (fear) then life flows miraculously, with an abundance of blessings. Everything has its purpose, it’s time and place. When we release our urge to control outcomes and instead shift our focus to everything we have and want to celebrate, our lives are transformed. Our hearts feel full with joy and gratitude. A new found ease, confidence and peace washes over us.

This human experience is precious. What do you choose to focus on in this precious life? Choose what you focus on right now, and in every moment following this. This shift in perception is a gift to yourself, it’s self empowerment, to your life and reality.

And please know ~ you are already blessed ✨💜

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