The Empowerment of Self-Love 


This workshop is suitable for absolutely everyone. We begin and end each workshop with a heart opening blend of powerful tools including singing mantra, guided relaxation & pranayama breathing. These are all expressions of self-love, and healing medicine for the heart.

While sharing my self-love journey, I will share the many techniques that we can use in a daily practice to inspire transformation. This will include some self-loving exercises and some thought provoking discussions. It is my intention that everyone will take from this the tools needed to fall deeply in love with themselves. What begins as a self-loving practice transforms into a lifestyle.

Following the workshop, each person will be emailed a detailed list of self-loving practices and notes from the workshop to inspire and guide self-loving practices that can be done at home. 

Any questions, please feel free to ask!

Contact me directly via email:

Adults & Teenagers only
Sorry no children - This is to allow full self expression 

International Yoga Festival 2017